Name: Ascended Rank - Monthly Subscription
Price: 20.00 USD

This is a Monthly Subscription (30 days)
Buying this package will get you:

- Purple Ascended Prefix
- /fly on all servers

-/plot set border (Sets the border to any block on your plot)
- /plot set wall (Sets the wall to any block on your plot)
- /phead (Spawn a player head)
- /hdb (Access to the head database)
- World Edit (Limited world edit on plots)
- /plot set outline (Sets the outline to any block on your plot)
- /plot merge (Allows you to merge plots together)

- 5 Ascended Crate Keys.
- Access to Particle, Block, And Wing Trails
- Can bottle more xp (Raises from 1000 to 5000)
- Ability to mine Spawners
- 1 Pig Spawner
- 1 Chicken Spawner
- Kit Potions
- Kit Wood
- Kit Redstone
- Kit Stone
- Kit Blocks
- Kit StaffKit
- 8 /homes
- 4000 Bonus ClaimBlocks
- /hat (Get to add any item as a hat by doing /hat)
- /ping (pong)
- /enderchest (Access your enderchest anywhere)
- /workbench (Access a CraftingTable anywhere)
- /fly (Lets you fly around)
- /feed (Completely Fills your hunger)
- /heal (Completely Fills your health)
- /kittycannon (Shoots cats)
- /disposal (A trash gui)

More coming soon...